North Carolina

photo credit: Tanya Sloan Storm
photo credit: Tanya Sloan Storm

“I’m going with my fave pic of me ever, which represents my best childhood memories. This is at a campground at the beach, where my family went every summer. That’s the intracoastal waterway behind me, and the marshes. We would catch crabs by tying chicken parts to a string and dangling them in the water, while hovering over with a net to scoop up the crab that pinched on.

NC is beautiful, and the beaches are my favorite in the world. I grew up spending every summer there as a kid, and put a lot of miles on that huffy bike! And that’s my dad’s orange Datsun truck. Also a big representation of my childhood. I used to ride on the tailgate around the campground. And the back was outfitted with a custom foam “mattress” that my dad made by cutting big chunks of yellow foam to fit around the wheel wells. And my mom sewed custom sheets for it. I rode in the back of the truck and slept the whole 4 hours to the beach.

In summary: To me NC is wide, empty sandy beaches, gentle blue mountains, hot sticky days and warm summer nights, lightning bugs, country music, orange Datsun trucks, lawn chairs, and sweet red Cheerwine.” – Tanya Sloan Storm

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Header image: map of Northeast Houston in 1922, courtesy of the University of Texas Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin.