photo credit: Marilyn Dahl
photo credit: Marilyn Dahl

“This is just outside of Winthrop. I was born in the coastal part of Washington state – the green and wet part – and have spent most of my life here, except for some early years in Oklahoma and many summers in dry southeastern Washington. But the part of the state that pulls me, that fills my heart, is the central northeast. The heat in the summer, the snow in the winter – there are real seasons here. The expanse of the sky. The hills. It combines the best of areas I’ve lived in, and gives me a feeling of endless territory, of something just over the next hill, even if it’s another hill. I feel lighter, I can breathe deeply.” – Marilyn Dahl

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Header image: map of Northeast Houston in 1922, courtesy of the University of Texas Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin.

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